Why… this Roots?

1-2 Mathematics is the science of measurement, of establishing quantitative relationships
between the properties of entities. Furthermore, being the science of measurement, mathematics provides the logical glue to link various human intuitions. Mathematics is based on this fact, and on the existence of a consciousness (a physicist, an engineer, a mathematician, a philosopher, etc.) capable of identifying it. Mathematics is an inductive discipline first and a deductive discipline second. This is because, more generally, induction precedes deduction. Without the former, the latter is impossible. Based on above facts of mathematics in mind, Third Apple one stop consulting firm offering end to solutions for curricular mathematics and science needs, initiated new skill based work books under the title.

“Roots” – We need them to grow…

This workbook helps to create curious learning habit within the student, built on proven principle –

“Teaching Mathematics is Teaching Thinking”

It also provides the guidance on prerequisite knowledge of the topic. At the end of the session, the student gains a sense of achievement and contentment. With these Goals in mind we have designed our skill building work books for the grade I to grade X. I take this opportunity to thank all my team members who are passionately involved in designing the curriculum, preparing the manuscripts, typing the text, proof reading and printing. Dedicated to empower the future citizens with invaluable skills. P.G. Rajeswara Rao Founder & CEO Third Apple Andhra Pradesh